Ideal Cut Singapore

Looking to buy a super ideal cut diamond for your wedding anniversary or for your upcoming engagement? If you need help in choosing a diamond here are some great articles collected over the internet that provide great information and insights about ideal cut diamonds. Feel free to check these out and read these articles before buying any diamonds:

To learn more about what are the different diamond cuttings and types of diamond rings suitable for proposal or engagement ring, check out this page at

Among all the diamond cutting available in the market, like round cut, princess cut, cushion cut and more, most celebrities opt for cushion cut diamonds. To learn why cushion cut diamond remains the top choices among young couples as their preferred engagement ring diamond cut check out this page at

If your special one prefer something more classic and evergreen, consider buying gold solitaire diamond ring. For more inspiring ideas, you may check out to help you.

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Nothing beat the uniqueness of customising your own diamond ring. For inspiration, check out